Sunday, 22 February 2009

Weekend Makes

Well here are today's makes, saw a gorgeous bracelet design in a magazine I got yesterday so I decided to adapt it and make my own version, got a little frustrated threading the elastic through the chain as I dont have a proper needle but Matt and I came up with a plan and made our own!

Made earrings to go with the turquoise bracelet too! Hope you like!

(Yeah, I aint cut the elastic off yet but I couldn't wait to show you all my makes so took a photo while the glue was drying!!)

Thought I'd blog this awesome picture of the view out of our kitchen window last night, I'm no photographer but still think it looks kinda cool!

and finally I'm well excited about next weekend, cos I'm off to see METALLICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Seen them at festivals before but never at their own gig, it's gonna be immense! I can't fucking wait!! For now, I'll just have to drool over pictures of Mr Hetfield! Yum!

Chick x


pinkpuppy said...

They are lovely!

tiggertastic said...

fantastic blog update, i really like the first make, the colours look like the sea

sarah xx

Chick84 said...

Thank you both for your lovely comments! I'm trying to be a good blogger now and post more often!
Chick x

Sue said...

Gorgeous earings & necklace, ya piccie is lovely, sue.x

bumblealsie said...

Found your site from Tigger. A crafty girl into metal. Do you like AC/DC or Airbourne?